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  • Free one to one assessment!

  • Zero charge if grant not approved!

  • Save up to 80% to own a patent!

  • Business Canvas Analysis
  • Drafting Project Proposal for Grant Application 
  • Grant Submission & Monitor
  • Drafting Project Midterm & Final Report 
  • Project Management in an Agile way
  • Patentable Ideas Discovery & co-creation
  • Background IP Search
  • Drafting Scientific Patent Proposal
  • Designing Company Patent Strategy 
  • Patent & Protection Analysis
  • Patent Infringement Risk Control
  • Patent Application Process Management
  • Liaise with Patent Attorneys on Patent Drafting, Prosecution and Renewal Matters
  • Maximize SMEs' Benefit by stiving for the largest Patent Protection Scope
  • Patent Family Analysis
  • Patent Strength & Value Assessment

Dr Daniel Wang from Hippsun has profound knowledge and experience in innovation and IP management. He helped us get about 140K S$ of EDG Innovation project grant successfully and engaged with us for the project report to EDG. Under his help of discovering patentable ideas and drafting patent proposal, we succeeded in filing our first patent in Singapore.


-------------- Dr Richard, Healthcare CEO, Singapore SME

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HIPPSUN helps SMEs create IP and intangible assets for business growth. To learn how you can leverage SG Innovation Grant to fund your first patent, book a complimentary chat session on your intangible assets with us today.
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