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The great advantages and benefits of building up SMEs’ Intellectual Property (IP)
Why building up Company's Intellectual Property is key to success
           As of 2020, 90% of all assets in the S&P 500 are now intangible!
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The Soaring Value of Intangible Assets in the S&P 500 Companies


Intellectual Property ranked as NO. 1 key intangible category out of 8 key intangible categories in company’s values of intangible assets.



Why Singapore SMEs



Innovation and technology are key drivers of company's growth. Most often, patents are the best form of protection for your invented products or services. Patents play a prominent role in the entire technology life cycle.

Patenting products take time and resources, but the benefits of it are huge. Even if it is hard for SMEs, it is important that you get a patent for your invention.



5 Benefits of Building up SMEs' Intellectual Property


  • Protect against copying


  • Protect the company’s ability to do business


  • Secure loan for company expansion


  • Get licensing fees


  • Increase company’s valuation


 2 Challenges for SMEs to build up Intellectual Property

  • No in-house Intellectual Property Manager

  • No rich experience in-house innovation manager

Hence, no idea where to start and who can help to look after.  




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Best choice for SMEs


Find a local trustable Shared IP Manager (Shared Intellectual Property Manager) whom should also has a strong science/technology background so that he/she can discover and assess your company’s patentable innovation ideas, hand-to-hand guide you through the whole IP application process.

Where to find 


Thanks for shared economy. There is an emerging trend of Shared IP Manager and Shared Innovation Manager. It enables SMEs to tap on this trend and looks for a trustable Shared IP manager who can provide one stop service for SMEs to build up organization’s innovation capability as well as create intangible assets.


As Singapore First Shared Intellectual Property Manager and Shared Innovation Manager Service Provider, HIPPSUN Pte. Ltd is a Wholly owned Singapore Local company.  HIPPSUN is not only providing patentability assessment and Intellectual Property applying and managing services, It also provides innovative projects consulting and coaching service and ensure the success of your innovation projects. At the same time It can assess your business model to help SMEs looking for Government Grants or other supporting funds.

An interview with Expert

We had a chance to talk to Dr Daniel Wang, co-founder of HippSun Pte Ltd. Dr Daniel is truly an expert in patent management and innovation management. He used to be the key inventor of an MNC in Singapore and manage all patents for his company.

He told us that during his corporate time, he personally had managed 500+ patents and invented 45 patent families, which had been registered into over 17 countries.  He also told us that he had managed many projects, such as advanced Nano materials in medical application, development of new flame-retardant materials, biodegradable polymer and its application development, functional coatings, disinfectant, etc. 

An example given by Dr Daniel -He recently helped a Singapore SME applied its very first patent and obtained government EDG grant through carefully 4 months' consultation for the company. He also helped another SME to discover 4 patentable ideas and directly apply 4 China patents. He was also coaching the innovation teams and ensured the success of their projects. “It is urgent for SMEs to be innovative in VUCA world. Using Intellectual Property to protect your company intangible asset. If you don’t do it, someone else will do it.” Said Dr Daniel Wang.

What makes your service different from other patent

service providers?

Dr Daniel replied: “A successful company needs Innovation manager to create patentable ideas and IP manager to get patent granted in target countries. However, not every company can afford to have in-house Innovation manager and IP manager.

We provide one-stop Shared Innovation Manager and Shared IP Manager Service for SMEs to create their own intangible asset-patents. Patent law firm provides legal service for patent drafting and patent filing. We focus on building SMEs' innovation capabilities through discovering patentable ideas, drafting scientific patent proposal, getting government innovation fund, managing innovation projects to success, managing patent portfolio to get patent granted in selected  countries.


How do you handle clients’ sensitive business,  technical and

other information?

As a Shared Innovation Manager and/or Shared IP Manager, we stand together with SMEs. “We have adopted a code of conduct that applies to all employees. It is important that all our clients’ information must be kept confidential.” Dr Daniel replied.


We thank Dr Daniel to give us the chance to have an interview with him to have some insights and solutions for SMEs in Singapore.


Good news for SMEs!


Here is a very good news for you that Dr Daniel Wang agrees to offer a free assessment of your innovative idea’s patentability and your company's chances to get government innovation grant. And all sessions of service can be done through Zoom or over phone.


  • Free one to one business canvas assessment!

  • Zero charge if grant not approved!

  • Save up to 80% to own a patent!


HIPPSUN helps SMEs create IP and intangible assets for business growth. To learn how you can leverage SG Innovation Grant to fund your first patent, book a complimentary chat session on your intangible assets with us today.​


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