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Patent Application Comparison: Singapore Vs China

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

You may save up to 67% off and get 1.4 Billion Population Market Size Protection, when you directly file a patent in China Vs Singapore.

Since patent is intangible asset with territorial rights, you will get much higher valuation for your China patent compared to Singapore patent due to much bigger market size protection.

In addition, it is not mandatory to apply for patent in Singapore first before seeking protection overseas. However, section 34 of the Patents Act states that any person resident in Singapore is required to obtain a written authorisation from the Registrar of Patents before he/she files or causes to be filed outside Singapore an application for a patent for the same invention. Persons wanting such permission should apply directly, in writing, to the Registrar. The Section 34 application form (Section 34 - National Security Clearance) is available at the Registry of Patents and it can be done electronically via IP2SG ( by using your SingPass or CorpPass. It is free of charge if you do it yourself.

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