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About Us

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  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP®)

  • Certified Patent Valuation Analyst (CPVA)

  • Certified Usability Analyst (CUA)

  • Certified SAFe®5 Agilist

  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

  • Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

  • Certified DevOps Leader (DOL)®

Dr Daniel Wang

Partner/Senior Shared IP & Innovation Manager

Dr Daniel is truly an expert in patent management. He used to be the key inventor(Principal Scientist/Reginal Leader) in R&D Centre of a multinational corporation (MNC) in Singapore and manage all patents for his company.

He told us that he personally had managed 500+ patents and invented 45 patent families, which registered into over 17 countries during his corporate time.  He also told us that he had managed many R&D projects, such as advanced nano-materials in medical application, development of new flame-retardant materials, biodegradable polymer and its application development, functional coatings, disinfectant, telemedicine platforms with artificial intelligence etc. 

HIPPSUN Pte Ltd was founded in Singapore on 27 June 2018. For SMEs, who want to build up innovation capabilities, but don’t have resources to hire a full-time Innovation Manager and an IP Manager; the HIPPSUN is a consulting company, which provides Shared IP Manager and Shared Innovation Manager service. HIPPSUN helps SMEs to create their first patent by using SG Innovation grants.

Dr Daniel Wang’s Representative Innovations:

  1. WO2013012394A1 registered in 17 countries and granted in US, EU, Japan, China, South Korea, Russia, North Africa, Mexico and Singapore.

  2. WO 2013028134A1 registered in 5 countries and granted in US, EU, China, and Singapore.

  3. WO2013028133A1 registered in 6 countries and granted in US, EU, China, and Singapore.

  4. WO2014031084A1   registered in 3 countries and granted in China and Singapore.

  5. WO2016068793A1 registered in 3 countries and granted in US and China.

  6. CN106883716B granted in China and won the 7th Guangdong Patent Award (Silver Award)

Our Services:

  1. Consulting & Grants for SMEs in Singapore 

  2. Discover Patentable Ideas and Draft Patent Proposal

  3. Patent Management Consultation

  4. Intellectual Property Management Consultation


Our Vision

Be the first choice of SMEs’ Intellectual Property and innovation partner


To promote innovation spirit, nurture SMEs’ intellectual property building process- make Intellectual Property protection and innovation easier for every SME



Work with happiness


Sound moral and ethical principles and do the right thing


Ability to build trust relationship with clients and people working with


answerable to all for all actions and results



Being able to rapidly learn new skills and behaviors in response to changing circumstances


Our IP Manager's Credentials

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