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We provide one stop services for SMEs to build up their intangible assets! 

Consulting & Grants for SMEs

  • Business  Canvas Analysis
  • Drafting Project Proposal for SG Grant Application 
  • Grant Submission & Monitor


Patent Proposal Drafting

  • Patentable Ideas Discovery & co-creation
  • Background IP Search
  • Drafting Scientific Patent Proposal 

Patent Management Consultation

  • Patent Application Process      Management

  • Liaise with Patent Attorneys on Patent Drafting, Prosecution and Renewal Matters

  • Maximize SMEs’ Benefit by Striving for The largest Patent Protection Scope 

Project Management Consultation

Intellectual Property Management Consultation

Patent Valuation

  • Drafting Project Midterm & Final Report

  • Project Management in an Agile way

  • Designing Company Patent Strategy 

  • Patent and Protection Analysis

  • Patent Infringement Risk Control 

  • Patent Family Analysis

  • Patent Strength & Value Assessment

  • Patent Valuation Report

  • Free one to one assessment!

  • Zero charge if grant not approved!

  • Save up to 80% to own a patent!

HIPPSUN helps SMEs create IP and intangible assets for business growth. To learn how you can leverage SG Innovation Grant to fund your first patent, book a complimentary chat session on your intangible assets with us today.

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